Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Madame Tussauds!

(By my Brother)

Recently myself, Jazz and a few of our friends went to madame tussauds in central London. We went on a Thurdsay and thought that there wouldnt be alot of people there, but we were wrong! It was so full, so many tourists! So if any of you have plans to go to these places before the summer holidays, you have to hurry, they becoming full. Anyway we had such a laugh! Heres some silly pics of me.

In the pic above, me and X-factor winner, Shayne Ward are singing a few songs! hehe some tourists were watching me do this and they all started laughing! hehe. :)

Me and two of my favourite comedians, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, playing the characters Andy and Lou. These guys are so funny on their comedy TV show "Little Britain".

I forgot this guitarists name, hes from the music group "the darkness", but here i am jamming with him, on my invisable guitar! hehe.

Me and another one of my favourite comedians, Robin Williams. He sooooo funny, he was telling me a joke here! hehe :) lol

Heres me and the original Superman, Christopher Reeve, we was having a flying race here but he beat me :( lol. Heres a little bit about him, he had a horse riding accident which, very sadly left him paralysied from the neck down. But instead of feeling sorry for himself and hiding away he tried to help humanity with cures for being paralysied, this guy is so great.

Me and the 18 foot Incredible Hulk! ahhhhh I thought he was gona crush me! lol :)

Heres me giving the once emperor of France, Napoleon (little guy on the left) and his general a lesson in war! hehe I was telling him how to point a gun properly! lol (bcoz some people get in the way of your photos! hehe)

This guy was being naughty, and was sentenced for torture, I tried to save him but I was pushing the thing the wrong way! opps! :) When I took this pic so many people were looking at me, they got so scared! lol

Heres me training with one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, Mohammad Ali. I knocked him out with this punch! lol :)

Towards the end of Madame Tussauds, is chamber live! :) lol This part scares so many people! lol You walk through a dark alley, and out jumps a scary monster and tries to scare you! its so funny! so many people scream and cant move! lol :) They just close their eyes and wait for the monster\actor to go away! lol :) hehe

Its was alot of fun taking these pics, madame tussauds is a bit boring without taking pics, its only worth going there if you take a camera along. Some of the statues look so real, its amazing, but some look so fake. Jazz will put his pics up later...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Professional Model Jatinder Singh!

(By my Brother)

As well as being a wonderful dilruba player, kirtani, dossa, A+ grade student, builder, mini sant, Jatinder Singh Ji is also now a professional model.
Check the pics below, :)

Heres Jatinder Singh, lying in the grass, giving the "chilling" look. Just look at that smile, wicked. :)

Here Jats giving the "dirty b*****d, mai tenuu maardenaa!" look lol :) hehe, dont you just wish you are as pretty as him! :) lol

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji - Pt 1 of 2

(By my Brother)

After Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji’s death, the British said that there were only 800,000 Sikhs left in India and at the rate they were cutting their hair there would be no Sikhs left by the year 1900. That’s when Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji started his missionary work to promote Amrit once again.

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji earned his respect. He used to walk from Punjab down south to Maharaaj Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s final place at Hazoor Sahib continuously meditating on the verse from Jaap Sahib,

“Gobinde, Mukande, Udare, Apare” 94
“Haree-ang, Karee-ang, Nri-naamay, Akaamay” 95
God is the Protector of the World.
God is the Giver of Salvation.
God is the Liberator and Inestimable. 94.
God is the Killer of all. God is the Creator of all.
God has no name. God has no sensual desires. 95.

In Calcutta 19,500 people received Amrit when Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji went there. Place after place he arranged Amrit Sanchaars.
When he came to the world there were 800,000 Sikhs when he left there were over 4 million.
Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji had no loud speakers to speak to the huge crowds with. By Guru Ji’s kindness his voice carried over long distances. At one place his Kirtan, or singing of God’s praises, programme lasted for one month and on the last day he said,
“Guru Nanak Ji’s holy congregation, if you want to board the Guru’s ship then come here tomorrow to receive Amrit.” That’s all he said. The next day 50,000 people received Amrit.

One day Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji asked an old man to receive Amrit, he wouldn’t. Sant Ji left him and continued on with his pilgrimage to Hazoor Sahib. The day before he returned the old man died. Before he died he thought to himself, “Sant Ji asked me to receive Amrit, I should have drank it while I could.” When he died people prepared the cremation site and ignited the wood, but the flames wouldn’t go near his body.
Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji arrived at the scene and requested the Sikhs to remove the wood. Sant Ji explained that even if the flames did reach his body he still wouldn’t burn because his soul was stuck at the Dasam Duar - Tenth Gate, and is waiting for Amrit. Amrit was prepared and poured into his mouth.
He was told to say, “Waheguru Ji Kaa Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.” The dead man’s spirit spoke it! Amrit brings the dead to life - such is it’s power...

Extract taken from link below
Meaning of Life, by Baba Maan Singh Ji

Funny Family Video! (One)

(By my Brother)

Everyone has them, Funny family videos! hehe. This video is of chaman when he was a little kid. In my family, when we were all little kids, we all used to play games on our birthdays. Here we are playing pass the parcel, and chaman had to dance. hehe check out his moves :). Just over half way through the video chaman does a crazy dance! hehe. This will defiantly make you laugh! hehe.

Free video hosting, video codes at

Heres the link to the video if you cant view it properly.

Video of chaman dancing

I thought I should add some funny pics aswel!

Above is Chaman's little bruv, Gurchetan Singh, as Ive always told him, "Stay in school!" lol he could join the circus with that face! lol. i dont know how he does that with his eyes! lol :)

Heres "lil miss Princess, am I bothered!" Kirandeep Rajwant Kaur Chana, lol :). This is the only funny pose she knows! lol :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Chaman and Pardeep!

(By my brother)

Heres some funny pics of my lil bros...

Above Chaman and Pardeep trying to do kung fu kicks...

hahahaha this pic soooooooo funny, they were jumping and Pardeep "Accidentally" punched Chaman in the face! lol :)

These hooligans! look what they get up to! lol As you can tell from Chamans face, Pardeep let one rip from behind! lol if you live in East London, becareful Chaman and Pardeep might be about! lol :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Virdee Brothers Lifting the World Cup...

(By my Brother)

Just wanted to say Congratulations to the Italian Football team for winning the 2006 World Cup. Heres some pics of me and Jazz lifting the World Cup Trophy aswel! :) If we can do it, Anyone can do it! hehe. This trophy is so so so heavy! Believe me! :) We tried to run away with it, but it was too heavy! lol ;)
Heres me and Jazz lifting the World Cup!

Whats the first thing you do when you have the World Cup Trophy in ur hands? Kiss it! lol. I dont know why but you just get that feeling! lol. Heres Jazz Pretending to kiss it, (because who knows where its been! lol.)

I even pretended to kiss it! lol. Its really weird you just get the urge to do it! lol.

Then you just have to lift it over your head. If your a football fan, you know how much this means to do it! hehe. :) World Cup Champion! hehe.

Its such a great feeling lifting the World Cup, especially if your football fans like us! lol. We're World Cup Champions! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Unfortunately Chaman loss and didnt get to be a World Cup Champion! hehe :)

and p.s below, I had a meeting with Sven-Goran Eriksson below (Ex England Football manager). I told Sven what team to play against Portugal and the joker never listened! I told him to play 4-4-2 with Crouch upfront with Rooney, drop Lampard and put Beckham in the Centre with Aaron Lennon on the right! they would have beaten Portugal if they played that way! Anyway I told him dont worry at least you made alot of money! lol only joking!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar - Video

(By my Brother)

Me and my Bro are huge fans of Indian Classical Music. Here is a video documentary made by the BBC, with Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar. The video is 23 minutes long.

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Below is a link to the video if you cant view it properly.

Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar

For those of you who cant view the videos properly on your web browser, you have to download the lastest version of windows media player (WMP), which is free. You can download it on the website below. You can also download the lastest version in WMP itself, make sure in the tools -> options folder, you have selected the correct settings to allow media to be viewed from the internet.

Link to lastest version of Windows Media Player

If you still cant watch the videos you have to download the additional codecs, which are also free. You can download the codecs below. You have to download the codec which relates to your pc's operating system.

Link to free codecs

Heres some information on how to view videos if you're a firefox user. This link below is also a step by step guide on installing the Windows Media Player Plugin.

Windows Media Players and Firefox users

I use the website to upload my videos onto the internet. I found that this website is the simplest one to use and doesnt ever give me any problems uploading videos. For more information on how to view the videos correctly please see the website link below.

Sory i didnt put this information up before :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Giani Amolak Singh Ji (GASJ) - Video

(By my Brother)

Its my little bros (Jazz) birthday today. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! I couldnt have been blessed with a nicer Bruv!
Thank You Waheguru!

For this occasion i've uploaded a very special video. The video i've uploaded is the Kirtan at mine and my bros Bday Kirtan program in 2001. This video was taken at the old Brent Gurudhara (London, U.K). Giani Amolak Singh Ji came to do the Kirtan Seva, it was a great blessing for us to have GASJ doing the Kirtan. Jazz was specially blessed that day, as he was blessed with the seva of accompaning GASJ on the Tabla (above).
The two Shabads that GASJ did was "Poothaa Maathaa Kee Aasees" in Raag Gujri and "kar kirapaa karahu prabh dhaath" in Raag Bhairao.
The video is 32 minutes long.

*Video no longer available*

Monday, July 03, 2006

Diwan and Nick!

(By my Brother)

Just wanted to give a great big shout out to two of our most cherished, favourite people in the whole wide world!
Nickoo (Harminder) and Diwan.
We couldnt have been blessed more than with a great sister like Nick, and a great brother in law, Diwan. These two blessed souls are very dear to us, are very kind and very funny!
They are also great Kirtanee's and do a lot of Seva.
Heres a pic of them with their babies! hehe.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mr Jaat Lee on the Swings!

(By my Brother)

I just could'nt resist putting these pictures up of our good little bruv, Mr Jaat Lee Singh! hehe. As you can see hes very, very scared of the swings! hehe. Sory Jaat! hehe!

Above Jaat Lee Screamed so so so so loud here! he woke up the whole neighbourhood! lol

Heres a beautiful pic of his ... lol i took the pic just a few seconds too late :) i was supposed to take a pic of his face! hehe.

I think that in this pic he was close to fainting! lol

He even got scared when Jazz went on the swings! lol only joking!

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