Monday, April 30, 2007

Baba Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara

(By my Brother)

We have uploaded a recent video made by the BBC show "Desi DNA". Its about Gatka, the sikh form of Martial Arts, with the Baba Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara. It also features Bhai Uptej Singh Ji, who is a Chardi Kalaa Gursikh. He has great knowledge on Sikhism and Gatka, and teaches Gatka classes mainly in East London, UK, for any one, regardless of gender, religion etc. The video is only about 6mins long.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Extract from "In Search of the True Guru"

(By my Brother)

A extract from Bhai Rama Singh jee's book, In Search of the True Guru.

"That night I dreamt that the jamdoots (angels of death) were taking my soul away to some destination. On the way, I saw other souls being taken away too. They were being tortured by the jamdoots. We were in a long line with many souls in front of me and many following behind. However, my soul was not being tortured because I had recited God’s name.

Where there is no mother, father, children, friends, or brothers, O my mind, there, only the Naam, the Name of the Lord, shall be with you as your help and support. Where the great and terrible Messenger of Death shall try to crush you, there, only the Naam shall go along with you. (SGGS p. 264)

As we walked along, we passed by a very dark area. In this darkness, we saw some very frightful scenes. They were so terrifying that a person could easily faint from fright.

“Where the path is difficult and the street is narrow, there the Lord shall liberate you.” (SGGS p. 996)

As we went further we came to an extremely hot place. It felt as if there was fire burning under our feet. Then there was a hill, which we were ordered to climb. Those, whose souls were soiled, found it very difficult to climb this hill. The jamdoots beat them and forced them to climb this hill. Those with pure souls climbed the hill very easily. According to the Hindu faith, it takes one year for the soul to reach the court of the judge Dharamraj. My soul was travelling at a very fast speed. Along the way, I saw all these scenes but they did not affect my soul directly.

On the other side of the hill, was the court of Dharamraj where the good and bad deeds done in one’s life are judged, and reward or punishment meted out accordingly. Like the modern computer which enables immediate access to information, Dharamraj too is able to look up accounts of people’s deeds instantly. There was a lady standing in the line next to mine. Dharamraj said to her, “You have served saintly people. There are many pots of milk and a variety of food for you. Although, you have done good deeds, you did not meditate on the Lord’s Name. You will be reborn a human being. This time be sure to meditate on the Lord’s Name and obtain salvation.” Anther person’s turn came before mine. Dharamraj said, “Although you were given a chance as a human being, you didn’t do any good deeds. You wasted your life doing evil deeds.” He told the jamdoots, “Send this soul to hell and throw it back into the cycle of chawrasi lakh joon (8.4 million life forms)

Next it was my turn. Dharamraj said to me, “You have recited Bani and meditated on the Lord’s Name, but your mind is soiled from the sins in this life. You have to be sentenced for this. The jamdoots took me to a place where human souls were punished for their bad deeds. The place resembled an immigration area at the airport where people with different passports line up in different lanes. Here, there was a separate line for each bad deed. There was a signboard displayed on every lane. For a lustful person, there was a door to a fire chamber. Next was a doorway for those who had listened to other’s gossip. They were punished by having red hot liquid iron poured into their ears. Liars had their tongues cut off. Thieves had their hands cut off. I could see these terrifying scenes form where I was standing. There was a long line in front of me.

Then the jamdoots brought me in front of the fire doorway and commanded me to go inside. I was terrified. They said that if I did not go in, they would beat my head with a heavy club. They pushed me in. it was a most dreadful place like a big pond. Many people were suffering there and screaming in agony. Nothing but cries of anguish could be heard. Nobody could think of food or water. The water in the pond was boiling like a volcano and small creatures were stinging people. The whole night passes in this dream. When it was time for me to get up to do my Paath of Sukmani Sahib, my soul returned from hell into my body as I chanted, “Aad Guray nameh, jugad Guray nameh….” The first line of the Bany, “I bow to the Greatest (Waheguru) Who is the source of all; I bow to the Guru Who is through the ages………..”.

When I opened my eyes, I was sweating and I had marks of insect stings all over my body. At this point I thanked Guru Arjan Dev Ji a million times for the Bani of Sukhmani Sahib and started crying profusely. I kept repeating “Dhan (Praise be to) Guru Arjan Dev Ji! Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji!” and thanked God for blessing me and saving me from hell.

It is a well-known truth that recommendation of an influential person works in our worldly affairs. If a person is jailed and a high-ranking officer calls in asking for the person’s release, the person is freed. The same is very true in our spiritual life. Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj (Great King) helped me out of hell. I thought to myself, “O’ lustful man! For a moment of sexual pleasure, see how much you had to suffer.”

“O sexual desire, you lead the mortals to hell; you make them wander in reincarnation through countless species. You cheat the consciousness, and pervade the three worlds. You destroy meditation, penance and virtue. But you give only shallow pleasure, while you make the mortals weak and unsteady; you pervade the high and the low. Your fear is dispelled in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, through the Protection and Support of the Lord.” (SGGS p. 1358)"

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Raminder! Part2 of 2

(By my Brother)

These are the rest of the pictures, these pics are after the kirtan at Davinders house for Bhabi Ji bday.

Me, lil Amar Singh, Chaman Singh

Davinder Singh couldnt wait to eat langar! lol he ate that pizza like he never eaten any pizza b4! lol :)

Himmat Singh poses for the Camera! :)

Bhabi Ji's birthday cake was so nice!!

Happy Bday, Happy Bday to Bhabi Ji, and Davinder aswel! lol :)

The Bahras
The Virdees
The west siders gang
Big Smiles!
Silly picture time! lol :) Funny faces please! :)
The Bahras part two, Pardeep Singh shows everyone how to pose
The Hunjans, with Chaman
The Mahons, with lil Imaan Singh
Us boys with Bhabi Ji, thats the famous Jat Lee in the Back! lol
The other gang
Kujeet Kaur with mine and davs mother

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My PlayStation 3... :)

(By my Brother)

The other day we finally got a ps3! :) It was quite expensive, but well worth it! :) Its so big and so heavy! All we need now is an expensive hi def TV! :) lol we posted some pics below...

Above, the anticipation builds as the ps3 is right in front of us.

Theres only a PS3 in the box with no extras :(

It was so shiny, i was pleasantly surprised. Amar was even more surprised! lol

The PS3...

I told my Nintendo Wii that you'll always still be my no 1 console! lol :) I was thinking about getting a xbox 360 instead of a ps3, but I think they are rubbish.

Pardeep has a go at motor storm, but comes in last every race! lol :)

Gurmukh Singh gives the PS3 a thumbs up!

We took a break from the PS3, my eyes started to hurt! lol :) So we all started playing in the garden! lol :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Visit to the East

we took the Chanas to the east to see the Bhamras and the Bahras

The Bhamras wanted to go play with the pool Ballz

Blue effect

Vauhall Calibra modified to the max, looked mad

The Bahras wanted to go play wid the Base Ballz, so Mr Pardeep Singh gets on his gear

The Bahra boys get excited after playing with the base ballz

Amar smacking them for Home runs

Jazz you meant to stand the other way!!!! Binda throws under arm like a gal

Jazz Smacked it up by geting 7 home runs and retired as no one could get him out

Spot the ball

Jazz runing for home run
(p.s look at 2 pac in the background)

Chana & Bahra Pose
Posing in the tree

Monkey boys

Bindas gets stuck in the tree, so we had to through a bat at him to get him down
p.s check out Amar posing upside down n dat noh liay sik man

Posing before the pic

Bhabi ji proposes to Binda Again

lol, jazz takes sum pics of us all Jumping with MJ (Binda), you know what i mean sik man!

lol, oh man, i cant think of anything to write for these pics, they too funny, Bhabi ji was too short to grab on to the pole even though super Amar flew up there!

The power of Saaaaag (spinach) SIK MANZ

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Return of the Chana Brothers

The little chana brothers came to stay, lol, so we made full use of them, hehehe, they "offered" to cut the grass. :)
Then we let them go crazy on the trampalineeeeeeee, its sikkk, u can all come ova for a bounceee
Jeevan bullying amar

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The return of the Amrit Singh

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