Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My PlayStation 3... :)

(By my Brother)

The other day we finally got a ps3! :) It was quite expensive, but well worth it! :) Its so big and so heavy! All we need now is an expensive hi def TV! :) lol we posted some pics below...

Above, the anticipation builds as the ps3 is right in front of us.

Theres only a PS3 in the box with no extras :(

It was so shiny, i was pleasantly surprised. Amar was even more surprised! lol

The PS3...

I told my Nintendo Wii that you'll always still be my no 1 console! lol :) I was thinking about getting a xbox 360 instead of a ps3, but I think they are rubbish.

Pardeep has a go at motor storm, but comes in last every race! lol :)

Gurmukh Singh gives the PS3 a thumbs up!

We took a break from the PS3, my eyes started to hurt! lol :) So we all started playing in the garden! lol :)


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