Saturday, April 07, 2007

Visit to the East

we took the Chanas to the east to see the Bhamras and the Bahras

The Bhamras wanted to go play with the pool Ballz

Blue effect

Vauhall Calibra modified to the max, looked mad

The Bahras wanted to go play wid the Base Ballz, so Mr Pardeep Singh gets on his gear

The Bahra boys get excited after playing with the base ballz

Amar smacking them for Home runs

Jazz you meant to stand the other way!!!! Binda throws under arm like a gal

Jazz Smacked it up by geting 7 home runs and retired as no one could get him out

Spot the ball

Jazz runing for home run
(p.s look at 2 pac in the background)

Chana & Bahra Pose
Posing in the tree

Monkey boys

Bindas gets stuck in the tree, so we had to through a bat at him to get him down
p.s check out Amar posing upside down n dat noh liay sik man

Posing before the pic

Bhabi ji proposes to Binda Again

lol, jazz takes sum pics of us all Jumping with MJ (Binda), you know what i mean sik man!

lol, oh man, i cant think of anything to write for these pics, they too funny, Bhabi ji was too short to grab on to the pole even though super Amar flew up there!

The power of Saaaaag (spinach) SIK MANZ


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