Monday, October 30, 2006

Some Pics! :)

(By my brother)

We been quite busy over the last week or so. Heres some pics to show what we been up to. :)

This pic was taken at Kuljeets house. It was Kuljeets 21st Bday, Hooray! :) The cake was so nice!!!!!!!!!!!! proper chocolate cake! Yum Yum! :)

Heres Bhups, Kully, Jazz and me. We all gave her some cake! :)

After the cake cutting, there was kirtan, It was so great! Dr Dipinder Singh Ji did some wicked kirtan! :)

After Kuljeets program, we went to Martindale Gurudhara for Kirtan. Above is Bhai Pritpal Singh Ji doing some kirtan. He was so good, hes such a good kirtanee and tabla player! :)

After those progs, there was Sukhmani Sahib Paath and Kirtan at Davinders house. His dad did the Paath, he does Sukhmani Paath so well, i wish i'd recorded it to post up for everyone to hear, it was so good.

Dav, Jeevan and myself reading Sukhmani Sahib Paath together.

Heres little Amrit singh, with his Mamaji Chamandeep Singh.

Family pic

The tabla and Vaja, Waheguru! These two instruments have brought so much joy and Blessings to so many people, life would be so dull without these two instruments! :)

Davs does some wicked Naam Simran and Kirtan!

My Bhabi Ji so talented! everyone should hear her kirtan amazing! :)

Heres another pic of Amrit Singh! :)

Jazz with my wonderful Papa Ji!

My Bhabi Ji always has a great big smile on her face, she made some really tasty treats for everyone! :)

When Himmat smiles at me this way i get a bit scared! lol :)

I like you! lol :) funny little boy!

Some more Pics! :)

(By my Brother)

Heres some more pics, we went to my Masi Jis house in Hounslow for lunch. This is also the first visit of Davinder and Raminder! :)

In the pic above, my bro has learn many things from marriage, one of them is co-ordinated dressing! lol :) Davs looking very smart now adays! lol

Many people dont know this but davs knows how to play many instruments! But he only sounds good on a few! lol :)

My Bhabi Ji knows how to play many instruments aswel! and she great at them aswel! :) She carries that guitar with her, so you can just ask her to play it! lol :)

wow-wow-wee-zaaaaa! look at all that beautiful food! No wonder Davs has such a big smile! :) looks like hes training and looking after what he eats carefully for his marathons! The food was so tasty! We are so lucky that all my Masi Jis are great cooks! :)

This is how Davs is running the portugal marathon in March! West side! lol :)

Nice pic of the family! :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

India's Little Superstar...

(By my Brother)

Below are two funny videos of a "Little Indian"...

The first video below, hes dancing,

The second video below, hes beating someone down! :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky

(By My Brother) Ive uploaded a video and some downloadable mp3 files of Bhai Sukhvinder Singh Pinky. Hes an extremely talented tabla player, probably one of the best sikh tabla players around at the moment. If you have seen him playing tabla live, you'll know what I'm talking about. He also very humble and very nice to talk too. Hes going to be playing in a concert accompaning Sarod Player Amjad Ali Khan at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Central London on the 8th of November. The concert link is below,

Concert Link

Below is a video of him playing at the Barcelona Interfaith Smagam in 2004.

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You can download the audio files from the links below, my favourite is the Kerva Taal.

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky - Kerva Taal - 8 beats

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky - chaar taal - 12 beats

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky - Inder Taal - 19 beats

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky - Roopak Taal - 7 beats

He has a website, the link is below

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nauve Paatsha De Salok

(By my Brother)

Ive uploaded a mp3 recording of "Nauve Paatsha De Salok" by Ragi Baldev Singh Ji (Pictured above). The paath was written by Sri Guru Tegh Bahaadur Ji, ang 1426 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. You can download from the link below. It's such a beautiful paath and recording, amazing...

*Audio is no longer available, Sorry*

You can see the meaning of this paath on the link below.

Link to meaning of "Nauve Paatsha De Salok"

(The paath starts in the middle of that page)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

London's Millenium Eye!

(By my Brother)

Me, Jazz and a few friends went to London's Millenium Eye in the summer. The structure is a architectural master piece, the architect who designed the eye was Mark Barfield. We have been on the Eye at daytime and night time. We think that its definitely better to go at night time, as you can see all the bright lights of London. The heighest point that the Eye goes is around 125 metres!!!! very high!!! Below are some pics.

Muayad, Me and Jazz in front of London's Millenium Eye!

We was around half way up on the Eye when this pic was taken. You can see quite far into London already! lol :)

Jazz looks at the River Thames.

Heres a funny pic of Jazz pretending to fall into the River Thames. When ur in that Capsule you can just about see directly below, and when your at the top, the people below are like little dots! :)

Behind me are the Houses of Parliament. This is where the Government debate and pass laws in the Unitied Kingdom.

Heres Jazz Looking at the Houses of Parliament.

Me looking down the River Thames.

We were quite high up when this pic was taken, and Jazz pretended to push me! naughty boy! hehe :) Even the buildings are small from that height! :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bhai Bahadur Singh Ji - Videos Part 2 of 2

(By my brother)

Here are the other Kirtan videos from Bhai Bahadur Singh Ji.

The video below is the shabad "Mai Thakee Tho Saranaae Jeeo" in Raag Soohee.

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The video below is the shabad "Mohi Na Bisaarahu Mai Jan Thaeraa" in Raag Gauree.

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The video below is the shabad "Jap Man Sath Naam Sadhaa Sath Naam" in Raag Dhanaasree.

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The videos links are below, If you can't view the videos properly.

Mai Thakee Tho Saranaae Jeeo

Mohi Na Bisaarahu Mai Jan Thaeraa

Jap Man Sath Naam Sadhaa Sath Naam

Monday, October 02, 2006

Davinders and Raminders 1st Visit...

(By my Brother)

Well, Davinder and Raminder are married now! hooray! they been married for well over a month now, they recently came over to our house for the 1st time as a married couple. Below are the pics, of this blessed occasion! lol. :)

Above, we was being blessed by Davinder Singh Ji and Raminder Kaur Ji :)

Above Davinder shows how to keep a happy marriage, always agree with the wife! lol only joking! :)

Davinder Singh drinking Tea the way it should be done with the little pinki up! lol :)

With the formalities over, it was time for some fun and games, when they saw the trampoline, they couldnt wait to have a go, only one person is supposed to be on it at a time but they both went on it, which was very dangerous, just ask Nirvair! :)

Above, Davinder jumps the highest! :)

Time to do some Bhangra on the trampoline! :) lol

ohhhhhhhhh! above Davinder nearly jumps off the egde, you can see the look on his face! he scared! lol :)

Above while Dav and Ram are doing some more trampoline bhangra, my wonderful Masar Ji is reading the instrustions on the trampoline! lol :) He didnt wanna go on the trampoline! :(

After a while Ram got a bit tired and took a break, but Dav didnt need one! lol and kept on doing his wonderful poses! lol :)

Above, Dav got a bit tired, so me and Jazz, being the wonderful brothers we are, offered to assist dav on the trampoline! lol making him jump even higher, you can see the "look" on his face! lol :)

Dav can do the splits! lol :) he nearly kicked my face here! silly boy! lol :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006


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