Monday, October 30, 2006

Some Pics! :)

(By my brother)

We been quite busy over the last week or so. Heres some pics to show what we been up to. :)

This pic was taken at Kuljeets house. It was Kuljeets 21st Bday, Hooray! :) The cake was so nice!!!!!!!!!!!! proper chocolate cake! Yum Yum! :)

Heres Bhups, Kully, Jazz and me. We all gave her some cake! :)

After the cake cutting, there was kirtan, It was so great! Dr Dipinder Singh Ji did some wicked kirtan! :)

After Kuljeets program, we went to Martindale Gurudhara for Kirtan. Above is Bhai Pritpal Singh Ji doing some kirtan. He was so good, hes such a good kirtanee and tabla player! :)

After those progs, there was Sukhmani Sahib Paath and Kirtan at Davinders house. His dad did the Paath, he does Sukhmani Paath so well, i wish i'd recorded it to post up for everyone to hear, it was so good.

Dav, Jeevan and myself reading Sukhmani Sahib Paath together.

Heres little Amrit singh, with his Mamaji Chamandeep Singh.

Family pic

The tabla and Vaja, Waheguru! These two instruments have brought so much joy and Blessings to so many people, life would be so dull without these two instruments! :)

Davs does some wicked Naam Simran and Kirtan!

My Bhabi Ji so talented! everyone should hear her kirtan amazing! :)

Heres another pic of Amrit Singh! :)

Jazz with my wonderful Papa Ji!

My Bhabi Ji always has a great big smile on her face, she made some really tasty treats for everyone! :)

When Himmat smiles at me this way i get a bit scared! lol :)

I like you! lol :) funny little boy!


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