Thursday, October 12, 2006

London's Millenium Eye!

(By my Brother)

Me, Jazz and a few friends went to London's Millenium Eye in the summer. The structure is a architectural master piece, the architect who designed the eye was Mark Barfield. We have been on the Eye at daytime and night time. We think that its definitely better to go at night time, as you can see all the bright lights of London. The heighest point that the Eye goes is around 125 metres!!!! very high!!! Below are some pics.

Muayad, Me and Jazz in front of London's Millenium Eye!

We was around half way up on the Eye when this pic was taken. You can see quite far into London already! lol :)

Jazz looks at the River Thames.

Heres a funny pic of Jazz pretending to fall into the River Thames. When ur in that Capsule you can just about see directly below, and when your at the top, the people below are like little dots! :)

Behind me are the Houses of Parliament. This is where the Government debate and pass laws in the Unitied Kingdom.

Heres Jazz Looking at the Houses of Parliament.

Me looking down the River Thames.

We were quite high up when this pic was taken, and Jazz pretended to push me! naughty boy! hehe :) Even the buildings are small from that height! :)


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