Monday, September 25, 2006

Junior the Dog part 2!

(By my Brother)

Heres some more pics of Junior the Dog! Hes grown quite a bit since the last time we saw him. Hes even bigger now! :)

As soon as Junior hears the door bell he comes running to the door. Above Junior tries to bite Chaman shoe lace. lol Chaman was so scared so him! lol

Above Pardeep, Chaman and Jazz are playing with Junior. He loved all that attention. :)

Above is Junior looking at himself in the mirror, this was so funny. After he saw himself in the mirror he kept on running back to it, to see himself! hehe.

Above is Gurchetan talking to the two Budgies. They were talking to each other so loud! :)

Chaman was so scared of the dog, Junior kept on biting him! hehe.

Above is Jazz playing with Junior.

Every time i tried to take a good picture of Junior, he kept on trying to bite the camera. In the picture above you can see him running at me, hes so quick. He came so close to biting the camera in this pic!


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