Monday, October 23, 2006

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky

(By My Brother) Ive uploaded a video and some downloadable mp3 files of Bhai Sukhvinder Singh Pinky. Hes an extremely talented tabla player, probably one of the best sikh tabla players around at the moment. If you have seen him playing tabla live, you'll know what I'm talking about. He also very humble and very nice to talk too. Hes going to be playing in a concert accompaning Sarod Player Amjad Ali Khan at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Central London on the 8th of November. The concert link is below,

Concert Link

Below is a video of him playing at the Barcelona Interfaith Smagam in 2004.

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You can download the audio files from the links below, my favourite is the Kerva Taal.

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky - Kerva Taal - 8 beats

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky - chaar taal - 12 beats

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky - Inder Taal - 19 beats

Sukhvinder Singh Pinky - Roopak Taal - 7 beats

He has a website, the link is below


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this amazing post.

Can you please update the links, they dont work anymore.

I would love to hear these recordings. Pinky is definately a heavyweight in the sangeet world.

8:30 am  

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