Thursday, September 28, 2006

keertan Darbar

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji - Pt 2 of 2

(By my Brother)

...Sant Baba Attar Singh ji requested his mother to receive Amrit. She wouldn’t. Khalsa ji, I pleaded with Sikh women to receive Amrit, but they say things like, “O my husband is going to receive it and I’ll be blessed to.” But, I say remember Maharaaj Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji’s words,

“Karmee apo apnee, ke nerai ke dhoor.”
“Our actions are our own,
some are close to God
and some are far away.”

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji continued, “Mata Ji, dearest mother, recieve Amrit and make your life successful.” She said, “O don’t worry about me son, I’ll take Amrit one day.” Sadly, she passed away soon afterwards. Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji was in a nearby village administrating Amrit as part of the Punj Pyare. After the ceremony he got the message of his mother’s demise and he quickly returned home. Thousands of people had already gathered.
All her life she had never missed her daily prayers and meditation (Nitnem and Naam), but she had never received Amrit. Amrit has to be received by a person on the spiritual path so that they can reap the fruits of their spiritual labouring. For example, one particular fruit tree’s seeds don’t germinate until a bird eats the fruit and wherever the bird’s droppings fall the undigested seed takes root. Nitnem and Naam is the seed, but until you recieve amrit from the Punj Pyare it’s not going to take root and grow in you.
Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji’s mother’s body was prepared for cremation. In the next world the Divine Judge, Dharam Raj, was reading her life’s accounts. He said, “I can’t send you to hell because you are the mother of a great Sant. But, I can’t send you to God’s Realm, Sach Khand, because you didn’t receive Amrit. So I am going to do one thing for you, your body hasn’t been cremated yet, go back to the world, receive Amrit then return.” The gathered audience was shocked when Mata Ji rose up and told the story of her accounts with Dharam Raj and that he had given her two more days in which to receive Amrit. Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji as part of the Punj Pyare prepared Amrit and about 20,000 people were blessed with the great gift of Amrit.
It is not easy prepare that much Amrit. When Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji used to sing Waheguru Ji’s praises by doing Kirtan, rivers used to stop flowing! Sants like this are few and far between.
20,000 people came, not all of them had the 5K uniform, Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji said receive Amrit and put your 5Ks on as soon as you get home. The 5Ks are tremendously important but the prayer of a Sant is heard by Guru Ji and flexibility is allowed in exceptional circumstances. The Punj Pyare were exhausted, line after line of people received the Amrit-nectar. O Khalsa
Ji, she was the mother of a Sant so she was allowed to come back, but who’s going to let us come back?

Extract taken from link below
Meaning of Life, by Baba Maan Singh Ji

Monday, September 25, 2006

Junior the Dog part 2!

(By my Brother)

Heres some more pics of Junior the Dog! Hes grown quite a bit since the last time we saw him. Hes even bigger now! :)

As soon as Junior hears the door bell he comes running to the door. Above Junior tries to bite Chaman shoe lace. lol Chaman was so scared so him! lol

Above Pardeep, Chaman and Jazz are playing with Junior. He loved all that attention. :)

Above is Junior looking at himself in the mirror, this was so funny. After he saw himself in the mirror he kept on running back to it, to see himself! hehe.

Above is Gurchetan talking to the two Budgies. They were talking to each other so loud! :)

Chaman was so scared of the dog, Junior kept on biting him! hehe.

Above is Jazz playing with Junior.

Every time i tried to take a good picture of Junior, he kept on trying to bite the camera. In the picture above you can see him running at me, hes so quick. He came so close to biting the camera in this pic!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bhagat Namdev Ji

(By my Brother)
Artist impression of Bhagat Namdev Ji
Bhagat Namdev Ji lived about 200 hundred years before Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj. In his house there was a special place kept just for prayer. His father worshipped to God by praying in front of a stone idol, which he kept in that special room. Every night he would take milk before the stone and say a prayer asking God to bless his family by drinking milk. One day his father was going out and said to Namdev, "Just in case I am late, I want you to do the prayers today and make sure you let God drink the milk. Don't wait for me, we must'nt let God go hungry".

Evening came and Namdev was worried. It was getting late and his father had not yet returned... he had never served a meal to God before and wasn't sure what to do. In the end, he had no choice... the sun was setting and he had to keep his word. Very carefully he washed the gold cup and filled it with fresh milk. He was frightened but still went into the prayer room and put the cup before the stone and started to pray.

He prayed and prayed but each time he opened his eyes, the cup was still full, nothing had happened - God had not drunk the milk. So, Namdev prayed even harder, but still nothing happened. He was getting really worried now... What would happen if his father came back and found that God hasn't drank the milk and had gone hungry? His father would be furious that he had let him down. Who knows what bad luck would fall on the family.

Bhagat Namdev started to cry and plead with God... "Please, please come and drink the milk otherwise my father will get very angry with me".

He prayed so hard with a pure heart that in heaven, God heard his prayer. He looked down on Namdev and was very happy. He sent miraculous signs but still Namdev would not stop crying because the milk was still untounched.

In the end God laughed with great happiness and came to the prayer room and sat in front of Namdev and drank the milk. There was a holy glow around the house and everywhere there was happiness that God had blessed Namdev. When his father returned he was surprised to see thousands of people flocking to see the place where this miracle happened.

Bhagat Namdev Ji tells the story in the link below;

dhoodhh kattorai gaddavai paanee

it in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Pannaa 1163

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bhai Bahadur Singh Ji - Videos Part 1 of 2

(By my brother)

I've uploaded some very rare and special videos of Bhai Bahadur Singh Ji (pictured above). He had a very special style of kirtan. These videos were from the 1980's.

The video below is the shabad "ham kookar thaerae dharabaar" in Raag Raamkalee.

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The Video below is the shabad "thoo dhareeaao dhaanaa beenaa" in Siree Raag.

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The video below is Chaupai Sahib.

free video hosting
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If you cant view the videos properly, below are the video links,

Ham Kookar Thaerae Dharabaar

Thoo Dhareeaao Dhaanaa Beenaa

Chaupai Sahib

For those of you who cant view the videos properly on your web browser, you have to download the lastest version of windows media player (WMP), which is free. You can download it on the website below. You can also download the lastest version in WMP itself, make sure in the tools -> options folder, you have selected the correct settings to allow media to be viewed from the internet.

Link to lastest version of Windows Media Player

If you still cant watch the videos you have to download the additional codecs, which are also free. You can download the codecs below. You have to download the codec which relates to your pc's operating system.

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Heres some information on how to view videos if you're a firefox user. This link below is also a step by step guide on installing the Windows Media Player Plugin.

Windows Media Players and Firefox users

If it still doesnt work you might need to download the flash media player, which is also free.

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I use the website to upload my videos onto the internet. I found that this website is the simplest one to use and doesnt ever give me any problems uploading videos. For more information on how to view the videos correctly please see the website link below.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bhamra Family on Trampoline...

(By my Brother)

My little Bruv and Sis came to visit me the other day, they saw our trampoline and went crazy! lol :) here some pics of them on our trampoline!

Above is Harjyot Singh on the trampoline doing the "splits" in mid air.

Nirvair Kaur on the trampoline doing the "splits" in mid air.

These two are so funny, they couldnt wait for their separate turns, so they just jump together, which was very dangerous! Nirvair "jumped" off the trampoline! :(

I tried to make them jump synchronously, but they couldnt do it! lol :)

Taking a "sweets and coke" break! lol :) just what you need after jumping on the trampoline, caffine and sugar! lol :) just look at Harjyot, even more hyper! lol :)

Heres Harjyot doin a spectacular super duper extreme quadruple front summersoult with a quadruple twist in mid air! lol :) had to be there to see it! lol :)

Nirvair did a even better one, she did a spectacular super duper extreme quadruple back front summersoult with a quadruple upside down twist in mid air! lol :) Amazing what you can teach these kids in such a short amount of time! lol :)

lol My wonderful Mami Ji started to get a bit jealous and wanted a go aswel! lol :) She was a bit scared to try any moves though! lol :)

Mother and Daughter on the trampoline! :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Funny Family Video! (Two)

(By my Brother)

Heres another funny family video! In this video, Davinder plays a game called "Where's Nirvair???" with our little sister Nirvair. hehe. She about four years of age in this video.

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Below is the video link if you can't view the video properly.

Video of Nirvair

Below are some funy pics

Dont mess with Nirvair! :) She will sort you out! lol :)

Amrit Singh, seeing how he looks in a Dastaar! :) Hes wearing the same colour top as his Dastaar! Just like his Mama Ji, Davinder! :) hehehe

Monday, September 04, 2006

Davinders Mayia...

(By my brother)

Heres some pics from Davs Mayia. I felt so so so sorry for him! so many people did so some things to him! lol :)

lol check out how much stuff is on his forehead! lol :)

My wonderful Masi Ji proper cleaned him! lol :)

lol Dav was so dirty my mum nearly felt sick! lol :) only joking!

There always at least one crazy auntie at every wedding, and here she is! lol :) i felt so sorry for Davs when she had her turn! :)

She put a whole laddu in his mouth in one go! lol :)

Im holding Amrit, while Bhups is holding Simrit, he kept on pointing at Amrit and saying "babie, babie!" it was so funny! :)

Simrit pointing at Amrits nose! :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sleeper Cell...

(By my brother)

I came across this interesting film clip on Its about three white guys verbally abusing a singh on the train, in America. Then steps in a young black man and "educates" them. Check the video below.

Below is the link to the video if you cant view it properly.

Link to video
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