Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Raminder! Part2 of 2

(By my Brother)

These are the rest of the pictures, these pics are after the kirtan at Davinders house for Bhabi Ji bday.

Me, lil Amar Singh, Chaman Singh

Davinder Singh couldnt wait to eat langar! lol he ate that pizza like he never eaten any pizza b4! lol :)

Himmat Singh poses for the Camera! :)

Bhabi Ji's birthday cake was so nice!!

Happy Bday, Happy Bday to Bhabi Ji, and Davinder aswel! lol :)

The Bahras
The Virdees
The west siders gang
Big Smiles!
Silly picture time! lol :) Funny faces please! :)
The Bahras part two, Pardeep Singh shows everyone how to pose
The Hunjans, with Chaman
The Mahons, with lil Imaan Singh
Us boys with Bhabi Ji, thats the famous Jat Lee in the Back! lol
The other gang
Kujeet Kaur with mine and davs mother


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