Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Funny Family Video! (One)

(By my Brother)

Everyone has them, Funny family videos! hehe. This video is of chaman when he was a little kid. In my family, when we were all little kids, we all used to play games on our birthdays. Here we are playing pass the parcel, and chaman had to dance. hehe check out his moves :). Just over half way through the video chaman does a crazy dance! hehe. This will defiantly make you laugh! hehe.

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Heres the link to the video if you cant view it properly.

Video of chaman dancing

I thought I should add some funny pics aswel!

Above is Chaman's little bruv, Gurchetan Singh, as Ive always told him, "Stay in school!" lol he could join the circus with that face! lol. i dont know how he does that with his eyes! lol :)

Heres "lil miss Princess, am I bothered!" Kirandeep Rajwant Kaur Chana, lol :). This is the only funny pose she knows! lol :)


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