Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Giani Amolak Singh Ji (GASJ) - Video

(By my Brother)

Its my little bros (Jazz) birthday today. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! I couldnt have been blessed with a nicer Bruv!
Thank You Waheguru!

For this occasion i've uploaded a very special video. The video i've uploaded is the Kirtan at mine and my bros Bday Kirtan program in 2001. This video was taken at the old Brent Gurudhara (London, U.K). Giani Amolak Singh Ji came to do the Kirtan Seva, it was a great blessing for us to have GASJ doing the Kirtan. Jazz was specially blessed that day, as he was blessed with the seva of accompaning GASJ on the Tabla (above).
The two Shabads that GASJ did was "Poothaa Maathaa Kee Aasees" in Raag Gujri and "kar kirapaa karahu prabh dhaath" in Raag Bhairao.
The video is 32 minutes long.

*Video no longer available*


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