Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Madame Tussauds!

(By my Brother)

Recently myself, Jazz and a few of our friends went to madame tussauds in central London. We went on a Thurdsay and thought that there wouldnt be alot of people there, but we were wrong! It was so full, so many tourists! So if any of you have plans to go to these places before the summer holidays, you have to hurry, they becoming full. Anyway we had such a laugh! Heres some silly pics of me.

In the pic above, me and X-factor winner, Shayne Ward are singing a few songs! hehe some tourists were watching me do this and they all started laughing! hehe. :)

Me and two of my favourite comedians, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, playing the characters Andy and Lou. These guys are so funny on their comedy TV show "Little Britain".

I forgot this guitarists name, hes from the music group "the darkness", but here i am jamming with him, on my invisable guitar! hehe.

Me and another one of my favourite comedians, Robin Williams. He sooooo funny, he was telling me a joke here! hehe :) lol

Heres me and the original Superman, Christopher Reeve, we was having a flying race here but he beat me :( lol. Heres a little bit about him, he had a horse riding accident which, very sadly left him paralysied from the neck down. But instead of feeling sorry for himself and hiding away he tried to help humanity with cures for being paralysied, this guy is so great.

Me and the 18 foot Incredible Hulk! ahhhhh I thought he was gona crush me! lol :)

Heres me giving the once emperor of France, Napoleon (little guy on the left) and his general a lesson in war! hehe I was telling him how to point a gun properly! lol (bcoz some people get in the way of your photos! hehe)

This guy was being naughty, and was sentenced for torture, I tried to save him but I was pushing the thing the wrong way! opps! :) When I took this pic so many people were looking at me, they got so scared! lol

Heres me training with one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, Mohammad Ali. I knocked him out with this punch! lol :)

Towards the end of Madame Tussauds, is chamber live! :) lol This part scares so many people! lol You walk through a dark alley, and out jumps a scary monster and tries to scare you! its so funny! so many people scream and cant move! lol :) They just close their eyes and wait for the monster\actor to go away! lol :) hehe

Its was alot of fun taking these pics, madame tussauds is a bit boring without taking pics, its only worth going there if you take a camera along. Some of the statues look so real, its amazing, but some look so fake. Jazz will put his pics up later...


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