Saturday, December 10, 2005

Photography at Northolt Smargam Aug 2005

Let alone not being able to hold a camera correctly, i managed to take some photos that i thought i will share with you. lol, believe it or not i took all of these, even though im in half of them, lol. hard to be done with a SLR cannon camera, u can only take pictures by looking though the hole. not bad heyy :)

A kiss for you for viewing my page, spread the love. :)


Sad i know

I liked this pictue, it shows the movement, by decreasing the shutter speed. I still have alot to learn about photography, which hopefully i will learn in time. They say for every Shaster (sword) present there is a Saint Soldier present, so if you carry a kirpan you will have a Sheed Singh present protecting you. we shall be thankful our Gurus have given us so much, thanking them by Naam, pray to them.

Gatka is amazing. Only moving in circular movements, shows that God is one, a circle. He has no begining and no end, He is forever Present. this picture shows a Singh blind folded cutting a water melon, managed to get the shot just as he was cutting us a slice. :)

They had a massive fireworks display, was truly beautiful

Gurpreet jumping off the Bouncy castle

Poora my brother, this guy cracks me up, such a wicked singh. lol. we had so much jokes when he stayed around. him and his brother Beant, Top Singhs who play Wonderful Dilubars.

Rattan singh, teaching me more and more about Photography, even though im like what you on about half the time, lol, another top singh, he helped design the exhibtion at the smargam.

Kultz, another joker singh, Cracks me up. always wanting to link when he comes down to rockys. I went to his house not long ago, his little puppy Mia was trying to attack me, lol, :) Top DOG.

Beant Singh Ji showing us how to fly n dat. :), picture never came out very clear, had the ISO at 1600, should have been 100. u probably thinking what the hell am i on about, lol, just as i am with Rattan.

I like this shot, :) Harnam singh getting sun burnt, this was on the way back home at 6am. lol, oh man, we had so much jokes,

Climbing the roof to get a shot of the tent,

Jazz & Harmz whops i mean Harmz & I, hes on the left. we had to climb the roof to get a decent shot.

what a wonderful Picture, hundreds of ballons were released at the end of the Smargam

You mite have problems opening some of the pictures, the ones that do open may not be clear, if you wait a couple of seconds and put the cursor over the picture, a zoom button shall appear, click on that and the shot should become clearer.


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