Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Random Old Pictures

I can't remember where this was taken, but we all trying to be models n dat. Left to right, Pind, Nicky, Diwan, me, Harvy and Jagy, (I know wat me and harvy's was looking at)
Sony mony going red.

This is a picture of my mumma, (Mum's youngest Brother). Amerjit muma has taught us lot alot about sikhi , martial arts (even though hes getting attacked my pigons), math's, lol, oh yeah and Punjabi. He's a kind hearted person with a great sense of homour, we're glad hes in our family. Big him up!!!

LOLL, ehehe, my Mum goes a bit crazy when she does her bhangra stuff, especially when her sisters are around. Left is my Masie Deep, right is my Mum, Godoe. Wheres my mum pug n dat?


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