Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My 21ST July 2005

This is one of my tightest mates, Harnam, he was getting bit to excited that day, give me jokes.
chilly Pannerr, I can make it now :) thanks to Binda tinda. Some of my niggas, left to right, Gags, Jeff, Mani, Indi, then there's Randy, me, Shaib and Peter. It was also My Cousin's birthday, Jaggy, bare candles, we getting old :(
Someone brought me a spanking whip, they all think im a Pimp or something, Jatinder was getting happy and wanted to spank me, and play with the monkey thong.

My Cousin Cham Cham and I.The milkshake bring all the gals to the yard, and my, milkshake taste better then yours
My cousin Nicky, she is so fun, when we was small we always use to go dosing with her, Iford is boring without this east London gaal.
Isher and I, Isher has a heart of Gold, she treats me like a little brother. Ishery. Kiren and I, My Sister from Henston, she's a INIT gal, LOL, she use to live with us, and I use to get introuble from her mum when I taught her how to swear. hawwww
My sister Kully Wolly and & Sanju, 2 wonderful sisters.
Sukhy getting bit tipsy,

Cham, me, Shaib and Diwan, all feeling horny,

Gags, Jeff, Shaib, Indy, me, Chaman, Harva, Randy and & Harnam nicking all my clothes.

Amrit (Umbi) doing sum bhangra move, Aman, Sukhy, Kully Wolly, me, Randy, Pind, Kirenry, Cham, Nicky, Jagz, Sony Mony, and Sanju.


Anonymous jimmy bob swing singh said...

Bare toungues flying about man, wats going on, lol, i likee i likeee. jeashhh, askashamash!!!

5:33 pm  

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