Monday, November 14, 2005

Ik Oankar

Ik Oankar means 'one' and is the term most frequently used by Sikhs about God. It stresses the unity or oneness of God, a distinctive feature of Sikh belief in an Indian society dominated by Hinduism in which God is traditionally manifested in a multitude of forms. It is found at the beginning of the Mul Mantra, the statement of belief which sums up the core of Sikh theology and which can be traced back to Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
The Ik Oankar comes from the Mool Mantar:
"There is only one God
Truth is his name
He is the creator
He is without fear
He is without hate
He is timeless and without form
He is beyond death, the enlightned one
He can be known by the Guru's grace


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