Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tunisia July 2005

For my 21st birthday back in July, my mum and dad sent me to Tunisia with these clowns, LOL, was one of the best holidays I had, nice hotel, good weather, and um nice blue sea.

The people living in Tunisia never had a clue wat I was, half them didn't even know about sikhi. I was a bit shocked, as I went with a Hindu and a muslim, when we met people they was asking each of us what we were. When ever it came to me they was like what's that, wat do you believe in?, after explaing for about 30 minutes they was shocked to hear about Sikhism and how hard it is to follow, I got a lot of respect out there, some was even scared to see a young boy with a beard, as when they usually see young boys with beards they assume there priest or something. This guy came up to me in the hotel and asked to take a picture with him, he was the hotel photographer and wanted this personally. (hope he hasn't done anything with it, pervs, LOL). the people out there was really friendly, was a amazing holiday, bare gash.

Our hotel was right next to the beach, so at night we use to go these bars, there was a wicked Jamaican bar, after a while I was high on coke so I decided to play with the sand. :)

LOL, oh man looking at this picture makes me laugh, these was some powerful buggies, LOL. Me and my other mates was racing, I cut him up and he drove into a deep ditch, it was so funny, we all had to stop and check if he was alright, LOL, was soooo sooo Fanny, I mean funny.

The beeeeach.

Me and moh getting sum herbal tea

LOL, these pics are bringing back good memories, on the last day we all had a dinner and dance, they put on this bhangra track and all got in a massage circle, me and sum next person jumped in ;) I was doing the Carlton dance, :)

My mate got happy as this model looked like his bird, LOL,

This was on the hotel porch, mate was getting happy, don't ask why he's naked.

I got this stupid crap tattoo done in mendi, I felt like slapping him for doing a tatti job, LOL, cheef, its only when I got home I found out black mendis really bad for your skin, my sister scrubbed it off wit a spunj. Tunisia was a wicked holiday though, I would advise anyone to go.


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