Friday, November 25, 2005

Sum Family Pics

I was at my cousins house the other day and these two little cousin of mine was like, where are we, we're not on your blog??, So i thought i would put this nice pic of them up, there so cute. Nirvair and Harjyot, two wonderful kids. hehehe, there too funny. here you go Nirvair :)

The future looks bright. CHEESEEEEE....

Guggerlu Singh and Simrit Singh

left to right, Kiren, Manpreet, Gurmukh, Fanpreet, Hardev, Randy, Pardeep, Gurchertan, and Gurpreet (Avtar).

Cham Cham & i, that was one scary movieee.

Gurchertan Singh Bhamra, lol, JEASSSHHH, I LIKE.......

This pics a bit random (like all my blog) , but it was so funny i thought i would chuck it in here. Binda Tinda JSB construction Managing Director, lol. Too funny, he always manages to make us laugh, a positive geeza, teaches us alot, respectica my brother.

Dad and his brother. HS & HS Virdee. Thai Ji is like a second dad, hes always there for us, he always puts us first. Big him up!

JS & RS Virdee

Mums Chacha, a true Sikh, one we all look up too. cheeseeeee....



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