Friday, December 09, 2005

Isle Of White

Isle of white, Sukh, Jagy, Gupi, Sony, umm, Pind, Sanj, me, Diwan, Dharamjhoda, Harvy, Ping Randy, Nicky & Himmy

LOL, we went go-karting, lol, Jaggy was cutting up Diwan and Harvy

Lol, laping the others, muahahahhahahah, had time to give a quick smile n dat, noh liayy.

LOL, this pic cracks me up, Sukh, Himmy, Dharam, Randy


Muahaha Look at us cheat, im holding Diwan back, Harvys holding Diwan back, and Diwan is holding both of us back, whilst we all loose to Gupi, Damm!!!!

LOL sister Pind and siter Nick giving us nice Pose


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