Wednesday, August 02, 2006


(By my Brother)

Here are some more pics of us on the trampoline! :)

Above is my lil sister, Kirandeep Rajwant Kaur Chana! hehee she was so funny! she could bearly jump on the trampoline properly! she got so scared! lol :)

In the Picture above is my wonderful Masi Ji, with her son, Amar.

Heres Amar trying to jump as high as he can! hehe.

This was so funny! Chaman had his Dastaar (Turban) on and he did his first front somersault, straightaway his Dastaar went flying! hehe silly billy, you should tie your Dastaar tighter! hehe.

Heres Gurchetan doing a star jump. Hes so funny! He could bearly jump that high! lol :)

Heres Chaman doin a naughty wrestling pose! He jumped so high! he was lucky to land back on the trampoline! :)

Above is Pardeep also doin a front somersault. He was lucky enough to land on the edge of the trampoline and not hurt himself! lol :)

Heres Pardeep doin the splits in mid air!

Below are some videos of these three naughty boys on the trampoline (no sound)

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First video above is Gurchetan on the trampoline.
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Second video above is Chaman skipping on the trampoline, its not as easy as it looks! lol :)
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The last video above is Pardeep doin alsorts of moves on the trampoline.


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