Tuesday, December 13, 2005

TUNISA part 2

u may have to wait a couple of minutes,
I had to add them differently because they was mpeg4. sorry. check them out :)
By the way if youwas wondering where the previous post have gone they are in the previous archive, November.

Nite out, JEASH! Moh fitted in with the locals with his flipflots, where i was getting weird looks from everyone even the pigons n cats was like wat the.... it was all good, was too fun :)

We was planning to go on that ship, but decided to chill on the beach instead, and go to the zoo n dat, chill wid the monkeys. :)

My ride n dat, got her lowered 1000mil :)

I like this shot too, i had to climb in between the gates to get the shot. Ganagster Tiger knows how to look after his woman. Big him up!! I swear i saw him give me a wink!

Getting attacked by elephant man

I like this shot, hes always pulls a smile, we call him confused, if you meet him you will know why. Heran Chuhan


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