Monday, February 11, 2008

Raagi Jatha of Bhai Dharam Singh Zakhmi Ji...

(By my Brother)

The Pic below shows from L to R,

Bhai Amrik Singh Zakhmi - Dilruba,
Bhai Shamsher Singh Zakhmi - Left Vaja,
Bhai Dharam Singh Zakhmi - Right Vaja,
Bhai Hariqbal Singh Zakhmi - Tabla.

The "Zakhmi" family formed one of the greatest and well known Kirtan Jathas of the 20th Century. All the Kirtan they did was in Raag, and performed with the upmost Pyaar and Devotion. They all have amazing voices and are all musically gifted. Bhai Dharam Singh Ji and Bhai Shamsher Singh Ji were Brothers, with Bhai Amrik Singh Ji and Bhai Hariqbal Singh Ji the two sons of Bhai Dharam Singh Ji. They all used to travel the world doing Kirtan. When they came to England in the 1970s, Giani Amolak Singh Ji had become President of the Singh Sabha Southall Gurudwara. Giani Ji was very fond of the "Zakhmi" Jatha, and so would always invite them to do Kirtan at the Gurudwara. Giani Ji invited the "Zakhmi" Jatha alot and every time they came, Giani Ji would ask them to do different Raags and different Shabads for the Sangat to hear. Giani Ji and the "Zakhmi" Jatha also did Kirtan together.

Below is a very special video of Bhai Shamsher Singh Ji, singing the Shabad "Waheguru thaeraa sabh sadhakaa". We think the videos from the early 1980s, just before they passed away.


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