Thursday, January 10, 2008

1st Ever Hukamnama at Sri Harmandir Sahib...

(By my Brother)

The picture (Artist Impression) below shows the 1st time Sri Adi Granth was taken to Sri Harmandir Sahib. Baba Budha Ji is carrying Sri Adi Granth Ji on his head, while Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaaj is doing Chor Sahib Seva behind Baba Ji.

Sri Adi Granth was installed in Sri Harmandir Sahib on 16th October 1604. Baba Budha Ji in the presence of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaaj read the first Hukamnama below. The first Hukamnama now in S G G S J Page 783-784.

sUhI mhlw 5 ]

sMqw ky kwrij Awip KloieAw hir kMmu krwvix AwieAw rwm ]
The Lord Himself has stood up to resolve the affairs of the Saints; He has come to complete their tasks.

Driq suhwvI qwlu suhwvw ivic AMimRq jlu CwieAw rwm ]
The land is beautiful, and the pool is beautiful; within it is contained the Ambrosial Water.

AMimRq jlu CwieAw pUrn swju krwieAw sgl mnorQ pUry ]
The Ambrosial Water is filling it, and my job is perfectly complete; all my desires are fulfilled.

jY jY kwru BieAw jg AMqir lwQy sgl ivsUry ]
Congratulations are pouring in from all over the world; all my sorrows are eliminated.

pUrn purK Acuq AibnwsI jsu vyd purwxI gwieAw ]
The Vedas and the Puraanas sing the Praises of the Perfect, Unchanging, Imperishable Primal Lord.

Apnw ibrdu riKAw prmysir nwnk nwmu iDAwieAw ]1]
The Transcendent Lord has kept His promise, and confirmed His nature; Nanak meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. 1

nv iniD isiD iriD dIny krqy qoit n AwvY kweI rwm ]
The Creator has given me the nine treasures, wealth and spiritual powers, and I do not lack anything.

Kwq Krcq iblCq suKu pwieAw krqy kI dwiq svweI rwm ]
Eating, spending and enjoying, I have found peace; the gifts of the Creator Lord continually increase.

dwiq svweI inKuit n jweI AMqrjwmI pwieAw ]
His gifts increase and shall never be exhausted; I have found the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts.

koit ibGn sgly auiT nwTy dUKu n nyVY AwieAw ]
Millions of obstacles have all been removed, and pain does not even approach me.

sWiq shj Awnµd Gnyry ibnsI BUK sbweI ]
Tranquility, peace, poise and bliss in abundance prevail, and all my hunger is satisfied.

nwnk gux gwvih suAwmI ky Acrju ijsu vifAweI rwm ]2]
Nanak sings the Glorious Praises of his Lord and Master, whose Glorious Greatness is wonderful and amazing. 2

ijs kw kwrju iqn hI kIAw mwxsu ikAw vycwrw rwm ]
It was His job, and He has done it; what can the mere mortal being do?

Bgq sohin hir ky gux gwvih sdw krih jYkwrw rwm ]
The devotees are adorned, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord; they proclaim His eternal victory.

gux gwie goibMd And aupjy swDsMgiq sMig bnI ]
Singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe, bliss wells up, and we are friends with the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

ijin audmu kIAw qwl kyrw iqs kI aupmw ikAw gnI ]
He who made the effort to construct this sacred pool - how can his praises be recounted?

ATsiT qIrQ puMn ikirAw mhw inrml cwrw ]
The merits of the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage, charity, good deeds and immaculate lifestyle, are found in this sacred pool.

piqq pwvnu ibrdu suAwmI nwnk sbd ADwrw ]3]
It is the natural way of the Lord and Master to purify sinners; Nanak takes the Support of the Word of the Shabad. 3

gux inDwn myrw pRBu krqw ausqiq kaunu krIjY rwm ]
The treasure of virtue is my God, the Creator Lord; what Praises of Yours should I sing, O Lord?

sMqw kI bynµqI suAwmI nwmu mhw rsu dIjY rwm ]
The prayer of the Saints is, ""O Lord and Master, please bless us with the supreme, sublime essence of Your Name.""

nwmu dIjY dwnu kIjY ibsru nwhI iek iKno ]
Please, grant us Your Name, grant us this blessing, and do not forget us, even for an instant.

gux gopwl aucru rsnw sdw gweIAY Anidno ]
Chant the Glorious Praises of the World-Lord, O my tongue; sing them forever, night and day.

ijsu pRIiq lwgI nwm syqI mnu qnu AMimRq BIjY ]
One who enshrines love for the Naam, the Name of the Lord, his mind and body are drenched with Ambrosial Nectar.

ibnvMiq nwnk ieC puMnI pyiK drsnu jIjY ]4]
Prays Nanak, my desires have been fulfilled; gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Lord, I live. 4


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