Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sehaj Paath Bhog & Kirtan Part three...

(By my Brother)

Part three of three, these are our sily pictures, we always love taking some silly pictures! lol
lol lil Imaan Singh with funny Dad, Diwan Singh :)

Lil Amrit Singh, who loves to dance! lol :)

Lil Nirvair Kaur, gr8 smile! :)

Special Effects...

Mummy Nick with "daughter" Imaan! lol :)

This lil bro is crazy! Thats how Gurchetan normally looks! lol only joking

lol Kuljeet Kaur always tries to hide from the camera! but we got the picture! lol :)

My wonderful Masi Ji, Hi 5! lol :)

My ChardiKala Masar Ji, with grandson Lil Imaan Singh

Never to young to learn Kirtan! :)


"Hey you!" lol

Lil Imaan Singh

Lil Imaan Singh doin Kirtan...

lil Imaan Singh trying to eat the Vaja! lol :)

Lil Amrit Singh with my dad


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