Monday, November 26, 2007

My Birth... (Poem, Part 1 of 2)

(By our Bhabi Ji, Raminder Kaur Ji)

Most people cannot recall their birth.
I remember it as if it just happened yesterday.

It was 31st Dec 2006.
My date of birth that is.
The day when I was blessed with taking Amrit.
The day I was blessed to be born into the Khalsa Panth.

I stood in front of my Panj Piaare,
As they did before Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji on 30th March 1699.
Uttering the Gur Mantar,
"Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh..."
I took each ambrosial sip of Amrit.
I felt honoured.
Honoured to be present among my fellow Sikh Brothers and Sisters.
As we all made this magical step together.

As I sat there listening to my Panj Piaare recite Nitnem,
My thoughts took me back to Anandpur Sahib over 300 years ago.
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji proudly stood in front of thousands of Sikhs.
Requesting the head of one.
One Sikh willing to give up their life.
Five humble Sikhs made this sacrifice:
Bhai Daya Singh Ji,
Bhai Dharam Singh Ji,
Bhai Himmat Singh Ji,
Bhai Mokam Singh Ji and
Bhai Sahib Singh Ji.

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji initiated these five Sikhs into the Khalsa Panth...


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