Monday, May 28, 2007

Lil Amrit Singhs 1st Bday!

(By my Brother)

Our nephew lil Amrit Singh recently celebrated his 1st Birthday! Happy Birthday! Below is some pics and a special birthday video by Davinder Singh.

The garden turned to a wonderland with bubbles! :)

Whats a birthday without balloons?

Davinders gets ready for a Birthday Party! lol :)

lil Amar Singh has his face painted by Jazz, he puts on the ultimate warrior sign

The old uncles and aunties! lol :) Some more had their faces painted
lil Amrit Singhs cuts his 1st Bday cake, with the help of his mum and dad! :)
Time for some fun and games, lil Simrit Singh gets ready to play Bagmington.
Lil Imaan Singh is having a fun time! He probably just left a present for his mum and dad! lol
Davinder and Raminder, recently back from being kicked out of Cananda! lol oj, they are about to run another marathon! This time in Scotland! best of luck guys! :)
The older aunties, lol
We was all wondering where the bubbles were coming from, :)
Whats a kids birthday, without "pass the parcel?"
The sack race, even though they are kids they all took it very seriously! lol
The big kids play area

Imaan Singh leaves another present! lol :)

A special message to Lil Amrit Singh from Davinder, special guest appearence from Jazz.


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