Thursday, December 29, 2005


We will all be faced by death at the end of our precious life and the time will come for us to leave this temporary world. Everything is temporary; we shouldn’t become attached to worldly processions. It’s about having a balance, People fight, argue and cause pain and suffering by the 5 evils, lust, greed, anger, attachment, and false pride. So we shouldn’t hold grudges, we should be nice to everyone, friendly, as we are all here to do sewa and prayers. We are in a place of worship we are not here for very long, we come and go away, earth is a Dharamsall.

Sikhism teaches us that we must be compassionate, forgiving, and be merciful. These 3 things are the foundation for faith, if you take any of these away, your foundation will fall, the second you take any of these 3 things away, even for a spilt of a second you cannot become spiritual, people can hang you, beat you, kill you, you still cannot take away your compassion, mercy and forgiveness, the second you do, you cannot be spiritual.

Only a person, who always remembers death, knows how valuable and precious is the wealth of counted breaths, granted during a lifetime.
It was once in the darbar of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib that a Raja happened to visit and pay homage. The Raja, after some deep thoughts and musing put across a straight question to the extremely handsome warrior Guru regarding the presence of beautiful women in the congregation and their likely effect and impact on a man's lust. Guru Sahib patiently heard his query and then told the Raja that he had only seven days of life left and that he should better go and finish all his worldly tasks and enjoy whatever he wanted to, so that he could die peacefully. The Raja went away to his palace and it was on the seventh day that he started praying to the Great Guru for his darshans before his worldly departure. Guru Sahib appeared there and enquired whether the Raja had enjoyed to his heart's content all that he wished to. The Raja wept bitterly and replied that as fear of death was constantly hanging over his head, even an idea of Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar dare not come near him. It was at that time that Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib told him that a true sikh never forgets death and in the congregations of the Guru, no such ideas dare enter the arena. The thought of death is the key to life eternal. It awakens in us the taste of life eternal and the bliss arising therefrom.

What is the difference between someone that is dead and living?

Well a dead being has no sprit, as the spirit leaves the body once its dead.
Each time you wash a dead body, knowing the sprit has gone away, it is our tradition to wash the body with our great love.
When a sprit leaves the body, the sprit hovers around the body, it can see that the body is dead. My understanding is, I have heard this from saintly people, is that for 10 days the sprit is around the body, not knowing where to go. Since the body is the temple in which recited a Sprit, which is in fact God, Portion of God, so we must respect that body, and because the sprit is all around it, it is the human body that will frighten you most, any other type of living creature dead will not frighten you. The Human Sprit is a powerful Sprit.

man thoo(n) joth saroop hai aapanaa mool pashhaan
O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light - recognize your own origin

You are part of that big divine flame, make no mistake, find honour & dignity that your part of Him, appeal to Him, Love Him, Serve Him, & don’t think He’s far away. He’s within you, He’s with you all the time and He’s always listening to you. People say my ardas isn’t being heard, no He’s listening.

The blessed ones who always remember death do not crave for worldly attachments and worldly pleasures. The more one remembers death, the more detached he feels from this temporary world and more attached to the permanent Glory of the Guru and God.


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