Monday, September 29, 2008

Bhai Piara Singh Ji...

(By my Brother) is such a gr8 site, we've been waiting for someone to upload some media on Bhai Piara Singh Ji, and they did! :) He is a very prominent instrumentalist with the Dilruba and Tar-Shenai, hes taught many people theses intruments, he was one of the teachers of Bhai Gurdev Singh Ji and Bhai Baljeet Singh Ji to name a few. In this video/interview he plays the Tar Shenai which is a string instrument with a bow. It is basically an Dilruba/Esraj fitted with a metal horn and Gramophone Sound box made to sound like a Shehnai, hence the name Tar-shehnai. In the short video below he plays a Pahari and sounds so beautiful. I think the video is from the 1980s from British TV.


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