Thursday, September 04, 2008

Some Photos on the Hills in Northolt...

(By my Brother)

Here are some photos of us guys just messing about on the man-made hills in Northolt. we went when it was dark, and the view is great! You can see all the bright lights of london! :) Unfortunately my camera couldnt get a good photo of the views in the dark, but we did go again in the day time, so i will put those photos up soon.

Gurchetan, Manpreet, Pardeep

Manpreet and Pardeep doin some weird dance! lol


We were gona throw Pardeep off the hill! :)

Contemplating life on the hill... :)

Pretending to do something naughty! lol :)

Here Pardeep was running up the hill!

Some action Poses...

Some more of us comtemplating life... :)


The lights of London...

Going down the hill was dangerous! Gman nearly dropped!

He was ok tho! :)

Some of us guys...

The photo above is probably the most unique ive ever taken! It has no editing done to it. I took it while chaman was taking the photo of us guys! :) Lucky or what? :)


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