Monday, August 25, 2008

Bhai Baldeep Singh JI & Bhai Sukhvinder Singh Ji Naamdhari...

(By my Brother)

We were checking out youtube the other day (Gr8 website!) and found out that Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji (Pictured above on the right) has an account. Below are some of his videos.

The first video above is of Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji & Bhai Sukhvinder Singh Ji Naamdhari (Pictured above on the tabla) reciting the shabad 'Hamari Pyari Amrit Dhari', a Shabad by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaaj, imbued in the notes of Raag Bageswari set in Taal Shikhar (17 beats). A composition by Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji. Concert for Peace and Understanding, Tucson (Arizona) November 2004.

The second video is of Bhai Sukhvinder Singh Ji Naamdhari playing taal Punjabi Dhaiyya (7 beats) on the instrument "Jori" with Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji. Concert for Peace and Understanding, Tucson, Arizona. November, 2004. This Dhrupad, showcases a particular handling of Adana, was composed by Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji in June 2004 in Formia, Italy.

I love this video! Its of Ustad Lakha Khan playing a Lehra on Sindhi Sarangi. This is a very difficult Instrument to master, it takes many years of dedication. He plays the Sarangi so beautifully! Its my most favourite stringed Instrument! We strongly recommend that you at least listen to this video above! :)


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