Monday, March 17, 2008

Mini Akhand Jaap @ Martindale Gurudwara 07Mar08

(By my Brother)

There was a Mini Akhand Jaap held at Martindale Road Gurudwara in West London, on the 7-Mar-2008. An "Akhand Jaap" is a program where only Waheguru simran is recited continuously. The reason why there are programs like this is because many youngsters cannot relate to kirtan because they do not know the words or what they mean. Naam Simran is so easy to participate in, regardless of education, knowledge of Gurbani or religious perspective. By simply singing and repeating the word "Waheguru", even small children can join in and feel the power of collective prayer in the Sadh Sangat. The normal Akhand Jaap Program is 24 hours long.

Below are some pictures from the Program.

Bibi Ishwinder Kaur Ji

Bhai Beant Singh Ji

Bhai Diwan Singh Ji

Bhai Chamandeep Singh Ji

Bibi Kuljeet Kaur Ji

Bhai Turren Tarun Singh Ji

Bhai Turren Tarun Singh Ji and Bhai Beant Singh Ji

Lil Imaan Singh with mum, Harminder Kaur

The mp3 recordings will be up soon, sorry for the delay!


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