Monday, March 03, 2008

Alicia Keys Concert @ The o2 Arena Pt 1 of 2...

(By my Brother)

On the 29th Feb 08, a few of us went to the Alicia Keys Concert at the o2 Arena in London. It was really good, she created a gr8 atmosphere with her singing performances and songs. She sang for 2 hours with out a break! Amazing. The Arena was sold out, about 18,000 people where there. Below are some photos from the concert.

The o2, formerly the Millenium Dome, in London.

Ambi Singh

There is an exhibition at the o2 at the moment, the statue from the photo above is from the "Tutankhamun" exhibition.

Bhupinder standing in front of the entrance to the o2.

Me standing in front of the BMW statue. There was some crazy stuff there.

Diwan, Nick, Pindi & Ambi.

Standing beneath the Lights.

A restaurent named after me! oj :). There are a lot of restaurents at the o2. Theres also a massive cinema there, amongst other attractions.

Some of us guys.

When we first walked into the Arena we were shocked of how big it was.

I tried to take some "Panoramic" photos. A panorama photo is any wide view of a physical space. A simple way to make Panoramic photos like this, is by basically standing at one place and turning the camera on the same spot and taking many photos, and putting them together afterwards, as shown above and below. You can click on the all the photos to enlarge them (Hopefully!) lol.

Panoramic photo 2

Panoramic photo 3

Panoramic photo 4

Diwan Singh new photo pose... lol

We got there quite early to avoid the rush. When Alicia Keys went on, the Arena was full! The whole event was sold out, so shes gona do another concert there soon.

We met one of Alicia Keys Band Member, the Saxophone player, Dave. He was really really good & a super cool guy!

There was quite a few "celebrities" at the concert, above is Queen Latifah.

When Alicia Keys made her entrance, Everyone in the Arena went crazy! My ears started hurting! lol

She sang many different songs. But she saved her best ones for the end of the concert! :)

Unfortunately we didnt get to meet her after the concert :(
but we did get some signed photos from her.


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