Monday, March 10, 2008

‘Kericho Wagon Works’ Pt 2 of 2

(By my Brother)

Article taken from Internet website.

"We would meet twice a week for prayers. Once every six months or so we would all go up to Kericho for an 'Akhand Paath', three-day continual prayers. Big crowds would gather at Babaji's. Babaji would clear out his workshop and we would have the meeting there, with prayers and singing. No one asked why you came, you were just made welcome. Everything was ready, food and bedding for everyone. Babaji's wife was helping. Bibiji looked after him very well, his clothes and his food. She was a simple woman, very good hearted. She loved people, both grown-ups and children.
Babaji would sit there, talking with the people up until 11 pm. He'd be laughing and chatting. He wasn't a serious man. When you met Babaji you felt very fresh. He'd give you a great look, a great smile. Even one word from him made you feel good. He gave us his light. I think Babaji had a gift from God. God gives different gifts. (He gave me the gift of singing nicely.) Babaji had the gift of healing, of making people feel better."

The pictures taken below are of the Kericho Wagon Works. Taken in Dec 2007, in Kericho, Kenya, Africa.


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