Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sarbloh Warriors...

(By my Brother)

"SARBLOH WARRIORS is a pioneering Sikh computer game mod, Currently under development, it will combine 3D action technology with the historical setting of 18th century Northern India. Based on true events of the period, a story has been created to take the player back in time, and experience how bands of Sikhs were forced to fight back from the brink of extinction, using typical weaponry of the time against the Imperial forces of Mughal India.

The video below is a test demo of the in game cinematics and scripting. Please remember this is just a test and still needs a lot of tweaking and poliishing. The voices and sounds were prepared quickly for test purposes. The video will give you a feel of the types of missions and in game sequences that you will encounter."

More info at their website :


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