Monday, August 27, 2007

Barbeque with lil Imaan Singh...

(By my Brother)

We all had a gr8 weekend, especially with a bank holiday and such beautiful sunny weather. What better way to enjoy the sun than with a barbeque! Here are some of our pics, with lil Imaan Singh! :)

Above is my dad, with my cool Thaya Ji and wonderful Masar Ji, who is a gr8 cook, especially with a barbeque! (All Vegetarian of course!)

lil Imaan just woke up from his lil nap, hes playing with ambi and jeevan in the pic above.

Princess Kiran with lil Imaan Singh

The westsiders gang... lol :)

Daddy Diwan with lil Imaan Singh...

Jazzy V, with my Thaya Ji and Masar Ji.

We fixed our trampoline, and the two lil crazy boys Amar and Jeevan nearly broke it again! lol :)

Lil Imaan Singh couldnt stop staring at the trampoline, so we put him on there! he lovd it :)

He didnt want to get off! When i took him off he started getting sad...

So i had to put him on my shoulders! lol :)

My wonderful Masi Ji with lil Imaan Singh

Mummy Nick with lil Imaan Singh

lol when the food was getting ready, we all started messing about with lil Imaan Singh, and they put a chunni on him! I dont think he minded! lol :)

Special effects...

Funny face

Kiran was really tired after eating the food, and dancing all day saturday! lol hope everyone enjoyed saturday as much as her! :)


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