Tuesday, August 07, 2007

busy, busy, busy...

(By my Brother)

We are really sory we haven't updated the blog much. We still havent set up ours pcs & internet yet, they are still packed away. Im writing this post from my friends house lol. We nearly finished decorating our house, it was a big job, as our off our stuff/junk had to be sorted out and given/thrown away. Hope everyone is having a gr8 summer. We been really busy during these months as its "wedding season" lol & many other programs. Not many free weekends! lol. We went to the AKJ Smagam in East London last week, which was gr8. The kirtan audios are all avaliable to download on their website, akji.org. We then went to the Sampath Paath Bhog at Soho Road Birmingham which was gr8 aswel. I was sharing a room with jatlee & himmat singh, had too gr8 a laugh with those two Chardikala bros. We also met Ustad Tari Khan there aswel :) he one of my fav tabla players. We are also gona go see Bhai Baljeet Singh Ji & Jatha at Karamsar Gurudwara in Ilford, this week. As they are leaving the country on monday 13 August, and its high unlikely they will be back soon. We still wont be able to update the blog regularly for a while, sory. We found some gr8 tabla videos, shown below.

The first video below is of 12 year old Saranjot Singh Ji, I think from Canada. I think his tabla teacher is Ustad Tari Khan. The first video is Teen Taal which is 16 beats.

The second video below is also of 12 year old Saranjot Singh Ji. This video is Dadra which is 6 beats.

The video below is of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee Ji.

The video below is of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri Ji. "Swapan Ji plays Dhir Dhir, a fantastic display of his clarity and balance."

The next video is of Rimpa Shiv. This video clip is crazy! lol check out her tabla skills. Definitely one of the best female tabla players we have ever seen!

The last video below isnt a tabla video clip. Its a short clip of Nina Virdee at Darbar 2006 Festival, with Sanju Sahai (tabla) and Ramesh Mishra (sarangi).

P.s most of the videos above are from the youtube.com account "darbar", you can see many more videos like these on their account. Another interesting account is "chakardar", which features five videos of a tabla duet performance from father Harkirat Singh Ji and son Gurdain Singh Ji. You can also check my account for mostly kirtan videos, "randeepvirdee".


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