Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lil Imaan Singh...

(By my Brother)

We had a visit recently from our lil nephew, lil Imaan Singh. It was gr8, here are some pics.

Lil Imaan Singh

Me and lil Imaan Singh, lucky Bhupinder was busy, so we all got a chance to hold him! lol :)

We were trying to make him smile in this pic, he has a gr8 smile.

He was being naughty here, he was pulling my beard so hard, hes got a strong grip! :)

He saw the Nintendo Wii, and I could tell he wanted to play it! :) but his hands were too small and couldnt hold the control pad! lol :)

My wonderful Masi Ji with lil Imaan Singh.

A gr8 smile, its so easy to make him smile, a very happy baby! :)

Feeding time for lil Imaan Singh.

My Bhabi Ji, Raminder Kaur feeding lil Imaan Singh.

Mummy Harminder Kaur (nick) with son, lil Imaan Singh in the "blue effect".


He was getting tired of us taking pictures! It was his time to go to sleep :(


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