Friday, June 02, 2006

Sonys Baby :)

Bets was good, :) it was indeed a boy, :) name to be decided :) A..... Singh Hunjan
doesnt he look soo much like his mother, sony??
this is the first Baby of the next generation, the first Great Grand son :) he is gona be looked up to by many of our children, lets hope and pray that he sets a good example :) lol, just like Gurpreet and sony. ehem.. lol im sure he will be a great infulence..

The Proud and Loving parents of A.... (lets just call him Mini Sony singh for the time being)

Gurpreet Avtar Singh & Gurminder Sony Mony Kaur

Sony , Pindi, Randy, Mini Sony Singh and myself .

Virdee Photography n dat :)

call or email for prices :) hurray, lol


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