Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Anyone For golf?

just a few pics of what binda & crew get up 2! :)

just look at bin, u know hes gona miss the ball. hehe. this guy is wicked, so funny, u always hav a laugh with this guy! cant wait till Augest! just look at the way he stands! professional or what?

Heres a pic of my dad. bins trying to put him off by taking pics! cheater!

Heres a pic of bins dad. bins is being a naughty boy again, trying to put the competition off, hehe just look at his smile.

Himmat and Gurcharan look on as a golfing superstar steps up to the plate.

and here he is golfing superstar jat lee singh. hehe. just look at him, i think hes either feeling if he grown a second hair on his chin or thinking about the best strategy to beat everyone! hehe

i bet you he's thinking "i can see my house from here!" hehe.

binda and jat lee were the winners! they started celebrating straight away! hehe. i think that this picture speaks for itself. hehe


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