Monday, May 22, 2006


The human attribute of love emanates from none else but God, the creator. Love conqours all; even God gets subjugated by the love for Him exercised by His saints and loved ones. Love is one of the most powerful spritual human qualities. love is a blessing and a grace from the Almighty. It is a spritual intoxicant of the highest degree. Spritual progress is a accelerated though selfness, unadulteraed and focused love for the creator and his creation. Salvation and emancipation cannot be acheived with devotion lacking love, prayer lacking love or service lacking love. No love is without sacrifice and no love is without forgivness and compassion. Love is the fundamental catalyst.

Just as there are tears of pain, there are tears of love also. pure love is a two-way phenomena; one sided love results in diaster and tradegy.

chandh chakor pareeth hai laae thaar nihaalae
chakavee sooraj haeth hai mil hon sukhaalae
naehu kaval jal jaaneeai khirr muh vaekhaalae
mor babeehae boladhae piaar vaekh badhal kaalae
naar bhathaar piaar hai maan puth samhaalae
peer mureedhaan pireharree ouhu nibehai naalae
Bhai Gurdaas Ji Vaars Pannaa 26

There is the chakaur that loves the moon and will endlessly keep staring up at it, but the moon does not share that love back! Nehu Kaval jal jaaneeai...the lotus flower cannot grow without water but the water can exist without the lotus. Another example describes the love between a husband and wife, and mother and son; however this love does not exist forever, only for the duration of the jeev's lifetime. Bhai Gurdaas Ji goes on to say - pir Mureeda pirharri, oho nibhai naaley... the love between a prophet and his disicple is 'two-way' traffic, the love is far greater and it will always be in existence; in life and death.


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