Sunday, April 09, 2006

Friday nite!

bored on a friday nite??? go to central london,

This was quite mad, over the wall was about a 50 meter drop into the thames, lol, i was hoping he would fall, ;) only joking :) or am i????

after pushing harnam in the river, i decided to chill and watch him play with the fishes, :)

lol, was a beutiful view though!! :)

LOL, check Harnams pose, i wish i cud pose like that, :)

fake posing!!

10:50 , decided where to go next we chill on the barriers

5 minutes later, we give the queen a call and say we're on our way, dont lock the front gate, we're comming home!!!!

damm, she locked us out, :( i tried to climb over but then i saw some coppers with their pistols, thought it wasnt such a good idea!!!

the queen chilling with harnam doing a fake pose


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