Monday, April 01, 2013

Life Long Learning - Part 2 of 2...

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gurbwxI iesu jg mih cwnxu krim vsY min Awey ]1]
gurabaanee eis jag mehi chaanan karam vasai man aaeae ||1||
Gurbani is the Light to illuminate this world; by His Grace, it comes to abide within the mind. ||1||
Page 67 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, Sri Guru Amar Daas Ji Maharaaj

By doing good deeds, the Gurus word, which is the light (Knowledge) of the creation, is absorbed into our minds. Learning to read the Scripture is regarded as one of the most important activites, as is learning to play musical instruments - music is food for the soul. It is for this reason that kirtan should be performed and listened to every day in life.

piVAw mUrKu AwKIAY ijsu lbu loBu AhMkwrw ]
parriaa moorakh aakheeai jis lab lobh aha(n)kaaraa ||
That scholar who is full of greed, arrogant pride and egotism, is known to be a fool.
nwau pVIAY nwau buJIAY gurmqI vIcwrw ]
naao parreeai naao bujheeai guramathee veechaaraa ||
So read the Name, and realize the Name, and contemplate the Guru's Teachings.
Page 140 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj

The Sikh faith respects all religions and opens a healthy dialogue with other faiths. A Sikh is required to study all religions in their true spirit. The search for truth and sevice for humanity should bring religions and all people closer to each other and weld them into a world family.


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