Thursday, May 14, 2009

London's Natural History Museum Gift Shop Photos - Part 10 of 10...

(By my Brother)

Us guys messing about in the gift shop...

Kirandeep Rajwant was being attacked by the dinosaurs...

The dinosaurs tried to eat lil Amar... :)

They attacked Pardeep, and left him with a completely disfigured face! lol :)

Thankful the dinosaurs never attacked me! lol :)

Dinosaur fight! lol :)

But Munpreet wasnt so lucky! lol :)

The Dinosaur Culprit! lol :)

Lil Amar...

Lil Kirandeep...

Pardeep was scared of the snakes...

So was Jivan! lol :)

Munpreet standing next to the wall of teddys! :)

Im sure Kirandeep and Munpreet would of loved to take them all home! lol :)


This was around £500, i think?

It suits you sir... lol :)


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