Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st UK Sikh Channel Launched - info @

(By my Brother)

On the 14th April 2009, the 1st UK dedicated Sikh channel was launched in the UK. The channel is available on SKY, channel 840, which is also free to view. The website for the channel is shown below.

For those people outside of the UK in Europe who want to view TV channel and have astra satellite, the satellite name is "Astra 2A North", Transponder 40, Frequency 12.48 GHz Vertical polarisation.

The Sikh Channel will primarily provide education and religious programming for Sikhs and non Sikhs alike. The channel will be the first National Broadcast TV station to focus upon the essence of Sikhism providing a national television platform free to air for the Sikh Faith.

Also in approx January 2010, another Sikh Channel will launch. Their website is shown below.

Both channels will serve the sangat with both religious/spiritual and educational programs only.


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