Friday, February 17, 2006

Newcastle trip

In the summer last year my brother, randeep, my cousin Davinder and Jatinder Singh went to Newcastle. we was meant to just go Birmingham for the day to see Ravi Shakar, his Daughter & Tamil Bose perform a instrumental. i tried to up load that on the blog too but it was far to big, was over 100meg, did manage to upload it to the uploading video site, but its been over 2 months and they still haven't published it. lol. But due to this concert we got to meet Baba Ranjit singh Ji and was blessed by being able to do some sewa. on the same day as the concert Baba Ranjit singh ji was in Birmingham gudwara, so we all decided to go and listen to there kirtan. Davinders friend was there driver from the day they came on there visit to the UK, driving them to different gudwaras throughout there vist from India. so we decided, well Davinder (Binda otherwise known) forced me (jazzychan), Randeep (Randy) and Jatinder (jatlee) to stay with them for 1 day, which turned out to be about 5/6 days to help do some sewa. At first we didnt want to, being the pappi person i am, i just wanted to go back home and chill, especially being the summer holidays. But we all stayed in the end, which we all thanked Binda for afterward, as this trip was amazing, we didnt regreat it, Jatlee even missed school for it, lol, which is another funny story. But anyway, we got to drive the sewadars from bham to windor, windor to coventry, coventry to Newcastle and wherever else, it was an amzing experience to spend some time with some top spritual people. :) Baba Ranjit singh Ji got Hundreds of people to take amrit, they told the sangat storys of our Gurus, aswell as many other things. we got to meet millionaires who were kind enough to give us a place to sleep, one had 24 achers of land. we got to stay in a chip shop, lol, we got to eat nice food, and even got free drinks from an off license. this trip was amazing, i drove 1,000 miles in 4 days, but was all worth it. you can see some of the pictures below...

if you click on the link below you can hear Baba Ranjit Singh Ji Simran & Anand shaib.

Click here to watch 'Anand-Shaib'


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