Friday, February 10, 2006


Mums work

Mum in Big Brother 7 chair

BB: who are your nominations, and wat are you reason for these nominations?

mum: i would firstly like to nominate my daughter Pindi, the reason im nominating her is because she doesnt make nice rotis and subjees. My second housemate i would like to nominate is my oldest son, Randolp. Randolp is lazy and doesnt do any house work, he just sits playing games all day and leaves all his dirty clothes all over the floor, he a messy housemate, he also doesnt change his bedsheets ofton.

BB: who are your favourate housemates then?

Mum : my favourate house mates are my Darling Husband, Harminder, and my Youngest son Jas, they are both tidy people and can cook really tasty food. :)



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