Monday, February 14, 2011

12hr Akhand Jaap Saturday 5th March 2011 @ Martindale Road Gurdwara, London

12 hour Akhand Jaap (Continuous Waheguru Jaap)
Saturday 5th March 2011
Starts at 11am
Finishes at 11pm

12 hour Akhand Jaap program at
GNNSJ London Gurdwara,
142 Martindale Road,

For further Info please visit


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone got the last 1hour simran recorded?
Please post a link. It was very good.
Thanks. K.

3:28 pm  
Blogger J4ZZY_V said...

The official audio recordings for the whole 12 Hour Akhand Jaap will hopefully be ready soon for download. we will post the links as soon as they are ready.

The official video recording unfortunately will take longer to get ready. When the videos are ready they will also be put on the internet.

randeep singh

5:10 pm  

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