Thursday, September 16, 2010

Controlling Manifestations of Maya - Anger/Rage - Part 3 of 5...

(Taken from Sikh Article)


slok shsik®qI mhlw 5
salok sehasakirathee mehalaa 5
Salok Sehskritee, Fifth Mehla:

hy kil mUl k®oDM kdMc kruxw n auprjqy ]
hae kal mool krodhha(n) kadha(n)ch karunaa n ouparajathae
O anger, you are the root of conflict; compassion never rises up in you.

ibKXMq jIvM vs´M kroiq inrq´M kroiq jQw mrkth ]
bikhaya(n)th jeeva(n) vasya(n) karoth nirathya(n) karoth jathhaa marakatteh
You take the corrupt, sinful beings in your power, and make them dance like monkeys.

Aink swsn qwVMiq jmdUqh qv sMgy ADmM nrh ]
anik saasan thaarra(n)th jamadhootheh thav sa(n)gae adhhama(n) nareh
Associating with you, mortals are debased and punished by the Messenger of Death in so many ways.

dIn duK BMjn dXwl pRBu nwnk srb jIA rK´w kroiq ]47]
dheen dhukh bha(n)jan dhayaal prabh naanak sarab jeea rakhyaa karoth 47
O Destroyer of the pains of the poor, O Merciful God, Nanak prays for You to protect all begins from such anger. 47

Ang 1358 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaaj


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